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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Science & Technology

About the College

Dr. Steven K. Roof, Interim Dean
328A Hunt Haught Hall
(304) 367-4869


The College of Science & Technology is comprised of four departments that offer 5 associate programs, 12 bachelor programs, 8 teaching specializations, 15 minors, and two master degree program. The mission of the College is to promote effective student learning in science, math, and technology and to prepare top-quality graduates for their future endeavors, including graduate study, employment, or other personal goals.

Academic Departments

Department of Architecture, Art & Design

Joel Dugan, M.F.A, Department Chair
408 Wallman Hall
(304) 367-4704

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

Dr. Mahmood Hossain, Department Chair
201G Engineering Technology
(304) 367-4967

Department of Engineering Technology

Dr. Anthony Gilberti, Department Chair
402 Engineering Technology
(304) 367-4887

Department of Natural Sciences

Dr. Deb Hemler, Department Chair
315 Hunt Haught Hall
(304) 367-4393


Degree Programs


Architectural Engineering Technology, A.S.  

Architecture, B.S.  

Art Grades Pre K - Adult Teaching Specialization, B.A.  

Biology Grades 9-Adult Specialization, B.A.  

Biology, B.S.  

Chemistry Grades 9-Adult Specialization, B.A.  

Chemistry, B.S.  

Civil Engineering Technology, A.S.  

Civil Engineering Technology, B.S.  

Computer Science, B.S.  

Computer Science, Cybersecurity Concentration, B.S.  

Earth & Space Science Grades 5-Adult Specialization, B.A.  

Electronics Engineering Technology, A.S.  

Electronics Engineering Technology, B.S.E.T.  

Forensic Science, B.S.  

General Science Grades 5-Adult Specialization, B.A.  

Graphic Design, B.S.  

Mathematics, B.S.  

Mathematics (Grades 5-9) Teaching Endorsement  

Mathematics Grades 5-Adult Specialization, B.A.  

Mechanical Engineering Technology, A.S.  

Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.E.T.  

Occupational Safety, B.S.  

Physics Grades 9-Adult Specialization, B.A.       

Safety Engineering Technology, A.S.  

Studio Art, Cross-Media Concentration, B.A.  

Studio Art, Painting Concentration, B.A.  

Studio Art, Pottery/Sculpture Concentration, B.A.  


Art History Minor  

Art Minor  

Automation and Robotics Minor   

Biology Minor  

Chemistry Minor  

Computer Science Minor  

Cybersecurity Minor  

Data Science Minor  

Electronics Engineering Technology Minor  

Forensic Investigative Science Minor  

Game Design Minor   

Graphic Design Minor  

Mathematics Minor  

Occupational Safety Minor  

Physics Minor  

Technology Minor