May 18, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Liberal Arts

About the College

Dr. Christopher Kast, Interim Dean
110A Hardway Hall / (304) 367-4236 

The College of Liberal Arts houses three departments that offer 11 bachelor programs, five teaching specializations, 18 minors, and two master degree programs.

By providing rigorous programs of study in the Behavioral Sciences, Language and Literature, and Social Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts fulfills its mission to engage students in pursuit of intellectual excellence and global awareness, bringing them to join with faculty mentors in the discoveries, both personal and professional, to be realized through scholarship, opportunity, achievement, and responsibility, Fairmont State’s core values. 

Academic Departments

Department of Humanities

Dr. Mary Angela Schwer, Department Chair 

311 Jaynes Hall

(304) 367-4723

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Michael Ransom, Department Chair 

101 Hardway Hall

(304) 367-4675

Department of Social Science

Dr. Jeri Kirby, Department Chair 

110N Hardway Hall

(304) 367-4676

Degree Programs


Communication Arts, Cultural Outreach Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Government Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Health Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Multimedia Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Performance Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Public Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Sales Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Communication Arts, Visual Communication Concentration, B.A.  

Community Health Promotion, B.S.  

Criminal Justice, B.S.  

Criminal Justice, Police Academy Concentration, B.S.  

English Grades 5-Adult Teaching Specialization, B.A.  

English, Creative Writing Concentration, B.A.  

English, Literature Concentration, B.A.  

English, Writing for the Workplace Concentration, B.A.  

History, B.A.  

History, B.S.  

Journalism Grades 5-Adult Teaching Specialization, B.A.       

National Security and Intelligence, B.A.    

Political Science, B.A.      

Psychology, B.S.  

Psychology, Behavioral Analytics Concentration, B.S.  

Social Studies Grades 5-Adult Teaching Specialization, B.A.   

Sociology, B.S.   

Sociology, Behavioral Analytics Concentration, B.S.  

Spanish (Pre-K-Adult), Teaching Endorsement  

Spanish Pre-K - Adult, Teaching Specialization, B.A.  

Spanish, B.A.      


Communication Arts Minor  

Community Health Minor  

Creative Writing Minor  

Criminal Justice Minor  

English Minor  

Folklore Studies Minor  

French Minor  

Geographic Information Science Minor (GISc)  

History Minor  

International Studies Minor  

Museum Studies Minor    

National Security and Intelligence Minor  

Philosophy Minor  

Policy Academy Minor  

Political Science Minor  

Professional Writing, Business and Technical Writing Minor  

Professional Writing, Journalism: Technical Writing Option Minor  

Professional Writing, Multimedia or Journalism, Minor  

Psychology Minor  

Sociology Minor  

Spanish Minor  

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor   

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor  


Basic Training in Law Enforcement Certificate Program