Jul 26, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Business & Aviation

About the School

Dr. Tim Oxley, Interim Dean
111 Jaynes Hall / (304) 367-4239


The School of Business offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Healthcare Management and Information Systems Management. Concentrations within the Business Administration degree include: Management, Finance, Business, and Marketing.School of Business Degree recipients are not required to select a minor field of study, but maydo so. Students must consult the Catalog or their advisor when selecting a minor. BSBA 2200 -Economics cannot be substituted for Principles of Macroeconomics (BSBA 2211) in meeting the School’smajor requirements.Courses offered by the School of Business may be found under the headings of Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Healthcare Management, (Business) Information Systems Management, Management and Marketing. All courses may not be offered each semester; therefore, students are urged to consult with their advisor in course scheduling. Course rotation schedules are available in the Business School office, as well as on its website.

Academic Departments

Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance

Dr. Joseph Kremer, Department Chair
116B Jaynes Hall/304-367-4744

Department of Marketing & Management

Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli, Department Chair
111 Jaynes Hall / (304) 367-4183

Department of Aviation  

Jason Vosburgh, Department Chair
117 Hunt Haught Hall / (304) 367-4283


Degree Programs


Accounting, B.S.  

Aviation Administration; Aviation Management Concentration, B.S.  

Aviation Administration; Professional Flight Concentration, B.S.  

Business Administration, Business Concentration, B.S.  

Business Administration, Economics Concentration, B.S.  

Business Administration, Finance Concentration, B.S.  

Business Administration, Management Concentration, B.S.  

Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, B.S.  

Healthcare Management, B.S.  

Information Systems Management, B.S.  


Business Administration Minor  

Healthcare Management Minor  


Leadership Certificate