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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice, B.S.

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Criminal Justice examines the structure, functions, and decision-making processes of agencies that deal with crime and criminal offenders. As an independent academic discipline, criminal justice is comparatively new. Interest in criminal justice education was spurred by the “war on crime” during the 1960s and the resulting massive federal funding to upgrade criminal justice agencies, technology, programming and education of criminal justice personnel.

Faculty in this program provide expertise in law enforcement, investigations, corrections, criminal law and theory. Majors are assigned a faculty advisor who will assist in selection of courses relevant to individual interests and career aspirations.

Students with a B.S. degree in criminal justice qualify for employment in city, county, state and federal criminal justice agencies, and in the rapidly-growing private industrial security field. A number of graduates continue their education in graduate programs in criminal justice, criminology or law. The program also offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree.

No Minor Required

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements (30-33 Credit Hours)

For details on the required courses, refer to the Core Curriculum   program.

Optional: For students in this major, the following courses meet both core curriculum and major requirements:  CRIM 1100  

Major Electives (15 Credit Hours)

A Criminal Justice elective is any Criminal Justice course not listed as required for the major. Must include a minimum of 12 hours of 3300- 4400 level courses.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses (21 Credit Hours)

Student must choose 21 hours from of 2200-4400 courses in Community Health Promotion, Geography, History, National Security and Intelligence, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, or Sociology. Courses must be chosen from at least three disciplines. It is highly recommended that students interested in pursuing a criminal justice master’s degree include PSYC 2240 /SOCY 2240  

Free Electives (24 Credit Hours)

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours