Dec 08, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

French Minor

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French is a language of growing importance in our globally-connected world. The French program at Fairmont State focuses on the development of a comparative critical perspective through the study of language, culture, communication, and context. As students learn about cultures of the Francophone world, from Africa and the Americas to Europe and the Indian Ocean, they also understand their own story more clearly. Learning to communicate in another language and developing intercultural knowledge involves understanding similarity and difference at the same time. This type of complex thinking is a desirable skill in many areas of the professional world. Employers seek out students who are multilingual, with concrete international experience, because of the maturity and skillset these students demonstrate. Training in French and cultural studies lays a strong groundwork for students = future lives as global citizens and innovators in many fields. Innovation coincides with an expanding network of knowledge and contacts. French is also an important language of diplomacy and international organizations.

French students are encouraged to study abroad through a variety of programs. French minors gain competence in global studies with a French-language focus, and have successfully combined the program with majors in other programs across campus.

Minor Courses (9 Credit Hours)

18 credit hours at or above FREN 1102  

Minor Electives (9 Credit Hours)

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