May 28, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre K-Adult Education Specializations, B.A.

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Candidates who wish to qualify for teaching in an open or self-contained classroom, Pre-K through Adult, shall complete Core Curriculum, Professional Education, and Specialization requirements. Candidates electing a teaching specialization must include the Methods and Materials course for that comprehensive area. If electing to complete two single-subject specializations, Methods and Materials must be completed for both specializations. The student teaching assignments must also include teaching experience at each developmental level to be named on the license.


  • Core Curriculum Requirements (Hours will vary per content area)
  • Professional Education Courses: 39 SEM. HRS.
  • Specializations (Hours will vary)

Choose one of the following options:

  1. One comprehensive specialization to teach in grades 5-Adult or 9-Adult the related subjects which comprise the comprehensive specialization.
  2. Two single-subject specializations for grades 5-Adult
  3. One single-subject specialization for grades 5-Adult or 9-Adult and one specialization for grades 5-9
  4. One single specialization for grades 5-Adult or 9-Adult and/or a specialization in either Physical Education or Spanish Pre K-Adult.

Core Curriculum (30-33 Credit Hours)

For details on the required courses, refer to the Core Curriculum   program. 

Teaching Endorsements

The Department of Education prepares candidates for a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with an endorsement in a specialized teaching area. Teaching endorsements must be combined with a B.A. in Education degree program. Field experiences and student teaching in an approved classroom for the teaching endorsement is required. Optional endorsements include the following:

Mathematics (Grades 5-9) Teaching Endorsement  

Multi-categorical Special Education (K-12) Teaching Endorsement  

Spanish (Pre-K-Adult), Teaching Endorsement  

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