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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Grading System

The following system of grading is used at Fairmont State:

A Superior. Given only to students for exceptional performance
B Good. Given for performance distinctly above average in quality
C Average. Given for performance of average quality
D Lowest passing grade, for performance of poor quality
F Failure. Course must be repeated if credit is to be received
I Incomplete, a temporary grade given only when students have completed more than 70% of the course, but are unable to conclude it because of unavoidable circumstance. Beginning with courses taken during the first semester, 1975-76, the letter grade “I” will be omitted from the calculation of the grade point average for a period of one year following the issuance of the “I.” At the end of the one-year period, the instructor must submit a final grade. If no change is made by the instructor, the grade “I” will be changed to “F.” Students must never register for a course in which they have an incomplete grade.
W Withdrew
CR Credit/grade of “C” or higher. Does not affect quality points (see below)
NC No Credit. Does not affect quality points
NCX No Credit, indicating a significant lack of effort. Does not affect quality points.
NR Not Reported. Given when instructor has not submitted grade
S Satisfactory. Given for Continuing Education courses only
U Unsatisfactory. Given for Continuing Education courses only

Quality Points

The value of a student’s work is indicated by quality points. Candidates for graduation must have at least twice as many quality points as GPA hours; that is, a point-average of 2.0 on all college work. Quality points for grades A, B, C, D, are computed as follows:

A Four (4) quality points for each semester hour of credit
B Three (3) quality points for each semester hour of credit
C Two (2) quality points for each semester hour of credit
D One (1) quality point for each semester hour of credit

Students’ grade averages are determined by dividing the number of quality points by the number of GPA hours. No quality points are attached to grades of F, but the GPA hours for the courses in which these grades are received will be used in computing grade averages.

In order to graduate, candidates for degrees must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or better in all college courses and in all credit earned at Fairmont State. An average of 2.0 must also be maintained in the major and minor fields of study. Students in the teacher education program must attain a grade point average of 2.75 overall, in each teaching field and in professional education.

It is the student’s responsibility to remain informed of quality point standing. This information can be obtained at any time from the Registrar’s Office.

Example for Computing Grade-point Average

Courses Taken Final Grade Quality Points X Sem. Hours = Quality Points (Total)
ENGL 1101   A 4   3   12
BIOL 1105   D 1   4   4
HIST 2211   B 3   3   9
SOCY 1110   C 2   3   6
POLI 1100   B 3   3   9
MATH 1510   W -   -   -
    13   16   40

40 Quality Points
16 Semester Hours= 2.5 Grade-Point Average